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Chinese englannista suomeksi

  1. kiinalainen, Kiinan

  2. kiina, kiinankieli

  1. kiina

  2. kiinalaiset (monikko)

  3. Substantiivi

  4. kiinalainen

  5. kiinalainen, kiinalainen ruoka">kiinalainen ruoka

Chinese englanniksi

  1. Any of several Sinitic languages spoken in China, especially Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu{{, or Nan.

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  3. The class of Sino-Tibetan dialects including Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese, Nan and others.

  4. The logographic writing system shared by this family.

  5. Mandarin or Putonghua, the standard variety of Chinese.

  6. The people of China.

  7. ''The Chinese have an incredible history.''

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  9. All people of Chinese descent or self-identity

  10. ''The Chinese are present in all parts of the world.''

  11. A person from China or of Chinese descent.

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  13. Chinese food or cuisine.

  14. ''Please don't eat the Chinese: I'm saving it for later.''

  15. A Chinese meal.

  16. ''We're going out tonight for a Chinese.''

  17. Of China, its languages or people

  18. 1928, (w), ''An International Language'', page 82

  19. The construction of a verbal system which is fairly regular and at the same time based on existing languages is a most difficult task, because in no other domain of the grammar do languages retain a greater number of ancient irregularities and differ more fundamentally from one another. Still an attempt will be made here to conciliate the two points of view and to bring about something which resembles the simple Chinese grammar without, however, losing its European character or the power of expressing nuances to which we are accustomed in our own languages.
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  21. In this instance, when the Chairman of the "Accuracy in Media" spoke out strongly against the Chinese Communist system of "pin yin" spelling, he was not criticizing any bias or unreliability of news presentation but specifically the inconvenience and confusion caused by the "pin yin" spelling of Chinese names.
  22. Exotic; unfamiliar; unexpected; used in phrases such as whispers, handcuffs, and checkers.

  23. Denoting a horizontal orientation of the doors.

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  25. woman from China

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  27. person from China