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August englannista suomeksi

  1. elokuu

  1. elokuu

  2. Substantiivi

August englanniksi

  1. august

  1. (senseid) The eighth month of the Roman, Julian, and calendars, following July and preceding September.

  2. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity).

  3. (given name) derived from the month (rare modern usage).

  4. 1993, (w), ''Robber Bride'', Virago Press (2013), (ISBN), page 48:

  5. ''August'', Charis named her, because that's when she was born. Warm breezes, baby powder, languorous heat, the smell of mown hay. Such a soft name. Too soft for her daughter, who has added an ''a''. Augusta, she is now — a very different resonance. Marble statues, Roman noses, tight-lipped commanding mouths.
  6. (given name).

  7. 1974 (w), ''Whanau'', Heinemann, page 76:

  8. Thirteen year old August is the eldest; he begins to pull the kite downward. Like his sister and brother, June and July, he has been named after the month in which he was born.
  9. (surname).

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  12. (given name). Feminine form: Augusta

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