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Allan englanniksi

  1. A botanical plant name author abbreviation for botanist Harry Howard Barton Allan (1882-1957).

  2. (given name), a less common spelling of Alan.

  3. 1866, William 'Wilkie' Collins: ''Armadale''. Kissinger Publishing 2004. (ISBN) page 288:

  4. "If I had been a man," she said, "I should so like to have been called Allan!"
    "Call me by my name, if you really like it," he whispered persuasively. "Call me 'Allan', for once - just to try."
  5. (surname) derived from the given name, more often spelled (m).

  6. (place).

  7. (given name).

  8. (given name)

  9. 2006 Allan Mutka, ''Rippipuku'', Tammi, (ISBN), page 96:

  10. ―Päivää, mä olen Altsu, tai toi Allan on se oikea nimi.
    ―Sehän on mukava miehen nimi, vähän harvinaisempikin, rouva säteili.
    Meinasin sanoa että joo, mustalaismannet suosivat, mutta jätin kuitenkin sanomatta.