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  1. Alaska

  1. Alaska

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Alaska englanniksi

  1. (place). Postal code: AK, largest city: Anchorage.

  2. 1869, George Davidson, ''Pacific Coast. Coast Pilot of Alaska, (First Part,) From Southern Boundary to Cook's Inlet. 1869'', p. 32f.:

  3. We have no available sources of information concerning the vegetation northward of the peninsula of Alaska from Bristol Bay, in 58°, to the mouth of the Kwichpak, in latitude 63°.
  4. 1875, ''A History of the Wrongs of Alaska. An Appeal to the People and Press of America. Printed by Order of the Anti-Monopoly Association of the Pacific Coast. February, 1875'', p. 3:

  5. Alaska was discovered about a century ago by Russian furhunters.
  6. 2004, ''Transformation of the U.S. Army Alaska: Final Environmental Impact Statement. Volume 1. Prepared For: United States Army Alaska   Department of the Army. Prepared By: Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands   Colorado State University   Fort Collins, Colorado'', p. 3-108:

  7. Alaska's earliest inhabitants were nomadic hunters traveling in small bands. They arrived in interior Alaska at least 13,000 years ago (..)
  8. (place), named for the state or Territory|territory.

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  11. 1879 December 5, Augustus Henry Sala|George Augustus Henry Sala, “Fashion and Food in New York”, in ''America Revisited: From the Bay of New York to the Gulf of Mexico, and from Lake Michigan to the Pacific.'', volume I, London: Vizetelly|Vizetelly & Co., 42, Catherine Street, London|Strand, published 1882, (OCLC); 3nd edition, London: Vizetelly & Co., 42, Catherine Street, Strand, 1883, (OCLC), page 90:

  12. I dined at Delmonico's hard by the Fifth-avenue Hotel, a few nights ago; and among the dainties which that consummate caterer favoured us with, was an ''entremet'' called an "Alaska." The "Alaska" is a ''baked ice''. ''A beau mentir qui vient de loin''; but this is no traveller's tale. The nucleus or core of the ''entremet'' is an ice cream. This is surrounded by an envelope of carefully whipped cream, which, just before the dainty dish is served, is popped into the oven, or is brought under the scorching influence of a red hot salamander; so that its surface is covered with a light brown crust. So you go on discussing the warm cream ''soufflé'' till you come, with somewhat painful suddenness, on the row of ice.
  13. (quote-journal)|magazine=(magazine)|Atlanta|location=Atlanta, Ga.|publisher=|month=July|year=2006|volume=46|issue=3|page=80|pageurl=|issn=0004-6701|oclc=60626245|passage=Preparing the dessert, Dunlap pours a shallow pool of crème anglaise into a dish and adds an Alaska. Next he pours half Bacardi 151 rum ("this one's not for drinking," he warns) and half root beer schnapps into a sauceboat. It's show time! (..) We dip the spoon into the Bacardi/schnapps mixture, and heat the spoon's base with a mini torch. When the spoon goes back into the sauceboat, its contents ignite immediately. Yikes! Next, with our left hand, we pick up a long knife and place the tip firmly into the meringue-covered Alaska. Then, with our right, we pick up the flaming rum- and schnapps-filled sauceboat and pour it down the side of the knife. We gape as flaming liquid hits the dessert and encases it in flames. Oooh! Ahhh!

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  15. Peninsula

  16. the Alaska peninsula of Alaska Peninsula Volcanoes.gif|thumb|right

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