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:Monica englanniksi

  1. (given name).

  2. 1913 Sabatini|Rafael Sabatini, ''The Strolling Saint'', Kessinger Publishing (2004), (ISBN), page 3:

  3. They named her Monica. Why the name was chosen I have never learnt; but I do not conceive that there was any reason for the choice other than the taste of her parents in the matter of sounds. It is a pleasing enough name, euphoniously considered, and beyond that — as is so commonly the case — no considerations were taken into account. To her, however, at once imaginative and of a feeble and dependent spirit, the name was fateful. St. Monica was made the special object of her devotions in her childhood, and reigned so later when she became a wife.
  4. (given name)

  5. (given name), a less common spelling of (m)