suomi-englanti sanakirja

-let englanniksi

  1. a diminutive suffix; for example:

  2. booklet, a small book

  3. applet, a small computer application

  4. owlet, a small (young) owl

  5. piglet, a small (young) pig

  6. manlet, a short man

  7. piece; as in a suit of armor for example:

  8. *bracelet, the "arm piece" or "arm protector"

  9. *gauntlet, the "glove piece" or "glove protector"

  10. epaulet, the "shoulder piece" or "shoulder protector"

  11. where the noun let lends the sense of a hindrance, deflector, protective piece, and hence protector

  12. Added to different parts of speech to form a noun.

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