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englanti puhekieltä To part, separate.
1590, Edmund Spendser, The Faerie Queene, I.x:
that same mighty man of God, / That bloud-red billowes like a walled front / On either side disparted with his rod ....
The world will be whole, and refuses to be disparted.
puhekieltä To divide, divide up, distribute.
(RQ:Spenser Faerie Queen), II.xi:
Them in twelue troupes their Captain did dispart / And round about in fittest steades did place ....
The difference between the thickness of the metal at the mouth and at the breech of a piece of ordnance.
Eng. Cyc.
On account of the dispart, the line of aim or line of metal, which is in a plane passing through the axis of the gun, always makes a small angle with the axis.
A piece of metal placed on the muzzle, or near the trunnions, on the top of a piece of ordnance, to make the line of sight parallel to the axis of the bore.
puhekieltä To furnish with a dispart sight.
puhekieltä To make allowance for the dispart in (a gun), when taking aim.
Every gunner, before he shoots, must truly dispart his piece.


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