1. ristiriitainen, vastakkainen



  1. epäjohdonmukainen, epäkonsistentti, inkonsistentti, ristiriitainen, vastakkainen.

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ristiriitainen fighting; contending; in conflict
Being in opposition; contrary; contradictory.

In the absence of all conflicting evidence.

1999, Herre van Oostendorp, Susan R. Goldman, The construction of mental representations during reading
On the other hand, the more effective the current activation vector is in reactivating the conflicting information, the more likely the two conflicting pieces of information are to be coactivated.
1841, Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop Chapter 73
Of Sally Brass, conflicting rumours went abroad. Some said with confidence that she had gone down to the docks in male attire, and had become a female sailor; others darkly whispered that she had enlisted as a private in the second regiment of Foot Guards, and had been seen in uniform, and on duty, to wit, leaning on her musket and looking out of a sentry-box in St james's Park, one evening.
(present participle of)


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