1. Eräs näppäilysoitin, jossa on pyöreä kaikukoppa.


yks. nom. banjo , yks. gen. banjon , yks. part. banjoa , yks. ill. banjoon , monikossa: mon. gen. banjojen , monikossa: mon. part. banjoja , monikossa: mon. ill. banjoihin .



  1. kielisoitin.

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banjo puhekieltä A stringed musical instrument (chordophone) with a round body, a membrane-like soundboard and a fretted neck, played by plucking or strumming the strings; by extension, any musicologically similar instrument, like the Tuvan doshpuluur, with a membrane-like soundboard.

I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee...

puhekieltä An object shaped like a banjo, especially a frying pan or a shovel.
puhekieltä A cul-de-sac with a round end.
1963, Peter Willmott, The Evolution of a Community (page 75)
They all came back here — we cleared the room and put up tables for the reception — and then we went to another house on the banjo for a "knees-up".
2013, M. C. Dutton, The Godfathers of London
Billy Tower lived in the far left house in the banjo that was Dagenham's version of cul de sacs. The trouble was you could be seen from the house and, in the time it took to walk along the Banjo, drugs could be flushed away.
2013, Martin Crookston, Garden Suburbs of Tomorrow?
The banjo format is not an unalloyed success these days: kids playing noisily on the quite narrow common green (..)
To play the banjo
puhekieltä To beat; to knock down
1989, Susan S. M. Edwards, Policing domestic' Violence: Women, the Law and the State'', page 95
Admitting the assault, the husband said that he had given her a 'banjoing' but that she had asked for it.
1998, "Fergie's world just gets Madar."(Sport), Sunday Mailm Jan 4, 1998
Madar was turfed out on a final misdemeanour of banjoing one of his teammates in training before a big game
2007, "Return of Smeato, the extraordinary hero", Times Online, Jul 31, 2007
"Me and other folk were just trying to get the boot in and some other guy banjoed decked him”.
English banjo
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ranska banjo (m)
saksa Banjo
kreikka μπάντζο
unkari bendzsó
italia bangio (m), banjo (m)
puola banjo
venäjä ба́нджо
ruotsi banjo


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