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  1. koriste, köynnös

  2. ryöstösaalis, varastetut tavarat

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swag suomeksi

  1. saalis

  2. mainoslahja, krääsä

  3. nyytti

  4. massa, kasa

  5. kuoppa

swag englanniksi

  1. (lb) To

  2. (quote-book)

  3. (lb) To

  4. (rfquotek)

  5. Palsgrave

  6. I swag as a fat person's belly swaggeth as he goeth.
  7. (lb) To decorate (something) with

  8. {{quote-journal|date=January 29, 2009|author=Cathy Horyn|title=In Paris, a Nod to Old Masters|work=New York Times|url=http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/29/fashion/29COUTURE.html

  9. (lb) A

  10. 2005,

  11. He looked in bewilderment at number 24, the final house with its regalia of stucco swags and bows.
  12. A low point or

  13. 1902, D. G. Simmons, "The Influence of Contaminated Water in the Development of Diseases", The American Practitioner and News, 34: 182.

  14. Whenever the muddy water would accumulate in the swag the water from the well in question would become muddy(..) After the water in the swag had all disappeared through the sink-hole the well water would again become clear.
  15. (lb)

  16. 2009, Mark Anthony Archer, Exile, page 119

  17. Now this dude got swag, and he was pushing up on me but, it wasn't like we was kicking it or anything!
  18. (lb) The

  19. 1838,

  20. “It′s all arranged about bringing off the swag, is it?” asked the Jew. Sikes nodded.
  21. 1971 November 22, Frank E. Emerson, “They Can Get It For You BETTER Than Wholesale”, New York Magazine, page 38

  22. He was on his way to call on other dealers to check out their swag and to see if he could trade away some of his leftover odds and ends.
  23. (senseid)(lb)

  24. 2011, Mark Henry, Battle of the Network Zombies

  25. “Make sure to take some swag on your way out!” I called.He stooped a bit in mid-trot and snatched a small gold bag out of the basket at the door. The contents were mostly shit, a few drink tickets to the Well of Souls, VIP status at Convent, that sort of thing.
  26. (lb) The

  27. Lawson

  28. He tramped for years till the swag he bore seemed part of himself.
  29. (lb) A small single-person tent, usually foldable into an integral backpack.

  30. (lb) A large quantity (of something).

  31. 2010 August 31, "

  32. New Zealand wasted a swag of chances to lose their opening women′s hockey World Cup match.
  33. (lb) To travel on foot carrying a swag (possessions tied in a blanket). (defdate)

  34. 1880, James Coutts Crawford, Recollections of Travel in New Zealand and Australia,

  35. He told me that times had been bad at Invercargill, and that he had started for fresh pastures, had worked his passage up as mate in a small craft from the south, and, arriving in Port Underwood, had swagged his calico tent over the hill, and was now living in it, pitched in the manuka scrub.
  36. 1976, Pembroke Arts Club, The Anglo-Welsh Review,

  37. That such a man was swagging in the Victoria Bush at the age of fifty-one requires explanation.
  38. 2006,

  39. The plot is straightforward. A swagman is settling down by a billabong after a hard day′s swagging.
  40. 2011, Penelope Debelle, Red Silk: The Life of Elliott Johnston QC,

  41. Over the Christmas of 1939, just three months after Britain and Australia had declared war on Germany, they went swagging together for a week and slept out under the stars in the Adelaide Hills, talking, walking and reading.
  42. To transport stolen goods.

  43. (alternative case form of); a wild

  44. I can take a swag at the answer, but it may not be right.

  45. (l)

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