1. (historiallinen, halventava) neekeri

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  1. allegro...

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  1. neekeri|alt=neekeri-

negro englanniksi

  1. (lb) Relating to the black ethnicity.

  2. (quote-journal)|month=April|year=1963|volume=XVIII|issue=6|page=67|pageurl=|issn=0012-9011|passage=Recently, on a wintry Sunday, some 2,500 white Chicago area residents embarked on a strange safari across the city, determined to do what most of them had never done before—visit a Negro home. Eager to purge themselves of ignorance about the city's "other half," they were participants in Interracial Home Visit Day, a "Coffee Klatsch" co-sponsored by local Catholic, Jewish and Protestant groups in an effort to eliminate racial bigotry and hate.

  3. (lb) Black or dark brown in color.

  4. (alternative case form of)

  5. 1867, Mayne Reid, Quadrupeds: what they are and where found (page 141)

  6. The negroes believe that its presence has a sanitary effect upon their cattle (..)
  7. a Negro

  8. {{quote-journal

  9. black (colour)

  10. (lb) black

  11. (lb) (l)

  12. (lb) nigger

  13. black

  14. (roa-opt-cite-cantigas)

  15. (..) chus negro ca pez.
    : (..) blacker than pitch.
  16. (l)

  17. black (color)

  18. the black colour

  19. the black ethnicity

  20. ghost writer

  21. dirty

  22. sad

  23. clandestine

  24. (lb) angry

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