1. no

Liittyvät sanat: naakka, naali, naama, naamahermo, naamahermohalvaus, naamakukkainen.

Slangisanakirja: na

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  1. aamujuna, aataminomena, aatelisvaakuna, aavejuna, ahtisaarna, aikamiina, aina, ainesana, aivina, ajomiina...

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na englanniksi

  1. (lb) not Not.

  2. (lb) no No.

  3. "Na, yor wrang."

    "Na, ye cannet watch telly"

    "Divn’t yee like milk?" "Na"'' (i.e., "No, I don’t like milk.")

  4. (lb) (abbreviation of)

  5. nanoamp

  6. to be (gloss)

  7. we

  8. in the

  9. (form of)

  10. on, onto (gloss)

  11. (ux)

  12. on (gloss)

  13. to, (gloss)

  14. at, in (gloss)

  15. for (gloss)

  16. at (gloss)

  17. no

  18. not

  19. after

  20. (lb)|with a cardinal number bar, except (non-gloss definition)

  21. Brazilië is met zijn 8,5 miljoen vierkante kilometer het grootste land van Zuid-Amerika en het op vier na grootste ter wereld.

    With its 8.5 million square kilometers, Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world.

    Naast dat de toonladder een kenmerkend gegeven is, zijn er ook bepaalde tonen, die een speciale rol hebben, zoals de vadi en de samvadi, respectievelijk: de belangrijkste en de op een na belangrijkste toon.

    Next to the fact that the musical scale is a characteristic datum, there are also certain tones that have a special role, such as the vadi and the samvadi: respectively the most important and second most important tones.

  22. close

  23. (lb) (non-gloss definition)

  24. Mi legis na Gerda Malaperis.

    I read Gerda Disappeared.

  25. (mutation of) (her)

  26. (lb) well!, so!, hey!, hello!

  27. (lb) (alternative form of)

  28. for, belonging to, by

  29. well, so, hey

  30. Na, nem baj. - Well, no problem.

    "Itt van Péter." - "Na és?" - "Peter is here." - "So what?" / So?

    Na, gyerünk! - Alright, let's go!

    Na, ne mondj ilyet! - Hey, don't say that!

    Na, ez fáj! - Hey, that hurts!

  31. (inflection of) (qualifier)

  32. (alternative form of)

  33. (quote-book)

  34. (l)
    : Áindrías of the Butter lived in Ballymoon in Gleann an Bhaile Dhuibh.
  35. (ja-romanization of)

  36. water

  37. (lb) woman

  38. no (used to show disagreement or negation)

  39. an, a

  40. here! behold!

  41. and

  42. (inflection of), swim!

  43. (non-gloss definition)

  44. (lb) on, in

  45. (lb) on, onto

  46. and (qualifier)

  47. (pinyin reading of)

  48. (nonstandard spelling of)

  49. towards

  50. behind

  51. after, following, later than

  52. in accordance with, based on

  53. afterwards, later

  54. close, near

  55. a, an

  56. (rfdef)

  57. Question marker for yes/no questions. It is always placed after the first word in the sentence. If the first word ends in a vowel, use the particle na; if it ends in a consonant, use inaOjibwe ina.

  58. minikwe Giminikwe na? — Are you drinking?

    Gigii-anokii na bijiinaago? — Did you work yesterday?

    but: wiisini Giwiisin inaOjibwe ina? — Are you eating?

  59. no, not

  60. never, not at all; not even; by no means

  61. (RQ:sga-gloss)

  62. (lang)
    : It is not the expression of the time, but it is the expression of the action that is performed in it.
    : We see the divine mysteries just as one sees something through a mirror, as long as we are in corpore.
    : Not more eminent are their persons than the persons of the rest of the apostles.
  63. (lb) onto, on

  64. (lb) for, by (a time, date etc.)

  65. (lb) for, to deal with

  66. lek na grypę — flu medication

    na zdrowie|na zdrowie — for your health; cheers; bless you.

  67. (lb) in a particular manner

  68. pasażer na gapę — stowaway

    deser na kwaśno — sour dessert

  69. (lb) onto (surjective)

  70. (lb) onto; surjective

  71. (senseid) (contraction of)

  72. (RQ:Harry Potter)

  73. Eu estava na esperança de encontrá-lo antes do jantar!
    : I was hoping to meet you before dinner!
  74. (senseid) (pt-pronoun-with-n)

  75. he / she

  76. in his.

  77. in her.

  78. the.

  79. (lb) (l), (l), (l) (gloss)

  80. (lb) (l), (l), (l) (gloss)/(m)

  81. here you are|Here you are! Take it!

  82. help yourself|Help yourself!

  83. (lb) a, an

  84. on (qualifier)

  85. for (qualifier)

  86. (lb) on (stationary)

  87. (lb) onto (motion towards)

  88. (lb) at, on (a moment in time)

  89. moreover

  90. (lb) enSpanish en laSpanish la

  91. to

  92. with

  93. (lb) her; (form of)

  94. now

  95. already

  96. {{quote-book

  97. house

  98. that (animate)

  99. sugar apple (Annona squamosa)

  100. not (qualifier)

  101. don’t (qualifier)

  102. than

  103. neither, nor

  104. (lb) to rain

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