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Liittyvät sanat: data, datanomi, datansiirto, datansiirtoverkko, dataverkko, dateerata.

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Englannin sanakirja: dat

dat englanniksi

  1. (lb) that

  2. that (neuter); (non-gloss definition)

  3. dat huis

    that house

    dat kind

    that child

  4. (lb) that, that there

  5. Wat is dat?

    What is that?

  6. (lb) who, which, that

  7. Ik ken een meisje dat dat kan.

    I know a girl who can do that.

  8. (lb) that, those (regardless of gender and number)

  9. Dat is een man.

    That is a man.

    Dat zijn mannen.

    Those are men.

  10. that

  11. Ik zag dat het goed was.

    I saw that it was good.

  12. the

  13. Dat huus was trechtmakt.

  14. The house was finished.

    Ik mag dat book.

    I like that book.

    ...un dat schapp, weck ümmer leddig was.

    ...and that cabinet, which was always empty.

  15. (lb) which, that

  16. (lb) (alternative form of)

  17. Gibste mir ma’ dat Wasser?

    Could you pass me the water?

    Dat weiß ich nich.''

    I don't know that.

  18. (lb) it

  19. Ich glaub, dat der n bisschen übertreibt.''

    I believe that he's exaggerating a little.

    dat Huus — the house

    Ik mag dat Book.

    Sęd ik, dat ik Kauken hęw?

    Did I say that I have cake?

    Kick di dat an!

    Would you look at that!

    dat Schipp, dat wi sailt hębben

    the ship that we have sailed

  20. data

  21. fact

  22. (inflection of)

  23. (jbo-rafsi of)

  24. (supine of)

  25. (neuter singular of)

  26. that, that one

  27. it, that, the, the aforementioned

  28. (lb) it; succeeded by (l)

  29. Dat varte ikkje lenge.

    It did not last long.

  30. (lb) that; succeeded by (l)

  31. Dat vil eg ikkje segja deg.

    I will not tell you that.

  32. tooth

  33. given

  34. îmi mi-a dat cartea - he gave me the book

  35. First-person inclusive plural pronoun: you (many) and I, you (many) and me

  36. (lang)

    'Lets''' go!

  37. so that

  38. that (neuter gender)

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