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  1. (lb) A condition in which the kidneys do not produce urine.

  2. 2007, Nain D. Chohan (editor), Nursing: Interpreting Signs & Symptoms, page 39,

  3. Clinically defined as urine output of less than 100 ml in 24 hours, anuria indicates either urinary tract obstruction or acute renal failure due to various mechanisms.(..)Anuria is rare; even with renal failure, the kidneys usually produce at least 75 ml of urine daily.
  4. 2008, Ronald M. Perkin, Dale A. Newton, James D. Swift (editors), Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Textbook of Inpatient Management, 2nd edition, page 359,

  5. Changes in urinary pattern such as polyuria, oliguria, anuria, enuresis, and excessive thirst can be associated with tubular dysfunction.
  6. 2011, Boris Lams, Oliguria, Mark Kinirons, Harold Ellis (editors), Frenchs Index of Differential Diagnosis: An A-Z'', page 467,

  7. It goes without saying, therefore, that obstructive anuria can occur only if the outflow from both kidneys or from the only functioning kidney is obstructed.
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